Steven Kasamba

Founder & Director, Bantu Arts Ltd

Steven started performing at a very early age whilst growing up in Uganda. He came to the UK as a performer and worked with several organisations and agencies to promote African Arts. He also performed in various theatre productions across the UK and it was during this period that Steven realised the importance of preserving the traditional East African arts, in particular, the performing arts passed down through generations in Uganda. He also wanted to raise the profile of artists that specialise in these traditional performing arts and that it was important that they were recognised as professional artists who had a lot to offer the UK and Europe and to educate people about the different cultures. (more…)

Tyra Edwards

Assistant Director

Barbarah M. Nakayima

Operations Manager (Uganda)

She graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in business administration (Marketing), Diploma in business and administration. Worked at Phototec Studio and Labs as an Operations Manager. At present with her job as a business consultant at Resolution Health East Africa, she endeavors her time to manages Bantu Arts projects in Uganda.